The TD&M Show

The TD&M Show is an auditorially pleasurable podcast…”

We all know anonymous quotes don’t lie, but why don’t you see for yourself.

The founding fathers of tadmorentertainment, Tom & David, had a vision. A vision to cure the world’s boredom by creating the greatest podcast ever. So, they did.

Forged in the computers of Macintosh by the software of GarageBand, using only the finest comedy material available to man, they toiled afternoon and evening, right up until dinnertime to create the “podcasting experience of a lifetime.”

With crisp anecdotes, subtle wit and hints of underlying sarcasm, The TD&M Show is pure, uncompromised, voicecrafted perfection.

So, sit back, relax and let your ears take you on a journey through the exquisite masterpiece that is The Tom, David & Mic Show.

Want to suggest some names for Murder, Marry, Minigolf? You can do so by clicking HERE.